Manchester United’s 1st leg of their Champions League match saw the English club picking up a 1-1 draw and even though it was a tightly contested match with both sides trying to edge out a victory, Arjen Robben criticized the squad of David Moyes.

Robben, speaking to the German media, said: “It was not easy, as our opponents didn’t leave any gaps. We wanted to play football but they tried to stop us. The English were just playing on the counter and have played very defensively; it was almost like in handball’’.

“But when you go a goal down you have to be pleased with a draw. 1-1 is a very good result that we can take home with us and then we just have to finish it off next week.” Robben said.

The match was played in the home stadium of Manchester United at Old Trafford but the final showdown is expected to be played and take place at the Allianz Arena on March 9 with the Dutchman Van Persie still out of action with an injury and he is not likely to return in time for the Champions League match against the Germans.

Despite what the outcome of the match will be Manchester United is believed to be preparing a €40 million bid hoping to sign Toni Kroos from Bayern Munich during the transfer window which opens during the summer.

Toni Kroos is reaching the last year of his contract with Bayern Munich which will allow Manchester United on making a move for him when he his contract expires and he becomes a free agent although it remains unclear if Pep Guardiola is willing to offload the 24 years old midfielder.

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