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Winning Spirit

You might be looking at news and articles that are discussing the probable exit of van Gaal from United. There are several talks doing the rounds of van Gaal, being replaced by Mourinho but the players state that, there are several rumors and speculations that are talked about the players as well as their coach at all times.

Hence, it is important for the club members to know what to focus upon. It is true that Manchester United stays under the spotlight most of the year as it is a glamorous English club that refuses to go out of the news. It remains to be seen if Mourinho will actually replace Van Gaal as the manager of the club and who the bookies prefer currently.

The fact is that, there is a lot of pressure on the players as well as the manager when it comes to Manchester United. Hence, maintaining focus on the performance on the field often becomes difficult. The team has been suffering a difficult time as the defeat which they faced at West Ham. There had been violence that erupted when the windows of the bus were smashed by fans of West Ham.

It might have been instrumental in delaying the match as well as lowering the morale of the team, which led to their defeat as well. Many teams are jealous of the fame and glamor that Manchester United is associated with. It should come as little wonder that the team comes under attack from fans of opposing teams.

However, the team members insist that such violence is often natural and it does not deter the focus of the members on the game. Hence, if there was a defeat on the field, it could be translated into the fans having succeeded in demoralizing the opposing team.


Manchester United second Loss this Week

Manchester United suffered their first defeat since the 1-0 loss against Southampton in January after losing 2-1 to Swansea this weekend. It has increased the difference between United and table leaders Chelsea, but Manchester United boss van Gaal felt that his team were unlucky not to get something from the match.

He said that a dominant performance from his team was not rewarded with even a single point. Ironically, it was Swansea who managed to beat United on the opening day of the season. This defeat brought an immediate end to the positive mood surrounding the club after the appointment of Van Gaal.

It has taken the Dutchman several months in order to get the club go on a consistent run. Since the last Manchester derby in November, United have been beaten only twice. And this form and could potentially see them into the top three without any trouble. United were helped by the fact that Southampton, who are their nearest rivals in the top three race, also suffered a defeat this weekend. read more »