Jose Mourinho wants grappling rules to be called out consistently

The head coach of Manchester United Jose Mourinho, has always been someone who is not afraid on letting his voice be heard and the Portuguese coach has recently talked about implementing new rules in the Premier League and according to him, one of the problems that comes along with enforcing new guidelines is consistency as referees need to be consistent when following these fresh set of regulations.

My problem with new rules is always the consistency or inconsistency in the decisions.
“If the penalty that favored Man City is always a penalty for every team, that’s fine. The only problem is if it’s a penalty for Man City and is not a penalty for Watford. If the referees can find that consistency, we will have dozens and dozens of penalties, for sure, but in a consistent way.”

Manchester United’s boss continued on saying that football is indeed a contact sport and a certain level of aggressiveness and moves should be done in order to stop the opposing players from performing as they would like to but grappling is just something completely different that deserves to be punished accordingly.

“Every time Fellaini wants to jump, he can’t jump, that is another story, body, shoulders. I think football has to be a contact sport but the grab, the pull of the shirt, not looking at the ball and just at the player to grab them this is a penalty, but it has to be a penalty every time, with every club, with every player.” Manchester United’s Jose Mourinho added on.

A new set of rules are believed to be taking place that will completely ban players from grappling others and Jose Mourinho is hoping that this is done in an efficient manner but more importantly, in a consistent way that doesn’t only favor 1 club in particular.

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