Claude Puel heaps praises on Leicester

Claude Puel reckons that technically his team might have got only one point at Brighton, but morally it was a victory for them after the way they turned it around and earned a draw from a not so great position.

Leicester conceded a lead early in the game and then they were reduced to only 10 players in the 28th minute when James Maddison had to go off having been booked twice in a space of just two minutes. It was an incredibly hard challenge for the visitors to not concede any more goals from there, but they not only managed to ensure that, they actually went on to equalize as well. Puel was mighty pleased with that monumental effort.

Puel said that Leicester might have only 10 players on the park in numbers, but the kind of effort those 10 put in, it was equal to the effort of 11 players. They were the dominant side in the majority portion of the second half. To keep the opponents down when you have the services of only 10 players and that too when you are playing away and not at home is absolutely incredible and that is why it was a thoroughly deserving result for his team. They deserved that point. They probably deserved to walk out with all three points just for the way they battled despite being in a lesser capacity.

“It’s like a win. Obviously it’s just one point, but it’s one point away after a difficult situation with the sending off.” Puel was quoted saying by Sky Sports.

“It was difficult to react, but with 10 men in the second half we played like 11 men. I think we deserved to come back in the game and perhaps to win because we dominated a lot of the second half.” Puel added.

Leicester presently sits at no. 10 in the Premiership standings with 5 wins and 3 draws in 10 games.

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